Roving Indiana Special Edition Yarn

This year’s inspired yarns (that's right, we said YARNS!) are hand dyed by Brenda and Heather Yarns from Seymour, Indiana:

"Wool You Be My Friend" was inspired by "The Kiss", a painting by Columbus artist Susie Gregory.

Light Foot 80% Superwash Merino Wool                        20% Nylon 100 g/450 yards

Choose between long stripes, short stripes or get both! The Special edition yarn and companion yarns will be available from the Roving Indiana participating yarn shops.

Price: Pre-orders (until February 27): $32.00 Beginning February 28 for a limited time: $36.00 Be sure to see the projects created by each shop with this beautiful yarn!

Brenda and Heather started their yarn dyeing business in 2015, jumping in with all four feet.  Always the overachievers, they chose to specialize in the complex worlds of self striping and gradient yarns. They enjoy creating active striping yarns and are known for their mathematical gradients.
Brenda taught herself how to knit by watching a video and using pencils instead of knitting needles.  She learned to crochet so that she could make a toy, and to this day she's only ever crocheted in circles.
Heather started crocheting at 10 when she broke her arm and had nothing else to do that summer.  She learned to knit in college when her character in a play was supposed to knit for income, talk about method acting!