Meet Tabby Tree Weaver

Tabby Tree Weaver is the place to go for weaving in Indiana! Owner Sandi Lemons purchased the shop less than a year ago from the previous owner (Linda Adamson), and relocated from Cicero to Fishers. Now Tabby Tree is experiencing a growing audience due to the more central location. The owner is frantically learning how to run a small business, but having a great time while doing so. She even finds some time to weave once in a while!

At Tabby Tree you will find looms of all kinds, and lots and lots of colorful yarn! Even on gloomy days, the store is bright and happy, and customers are welcome to come sit in the shop, browse the magazines and books, and ask for weaving guidance. Even if you have never woven before, stop in just to learn about it! The owner can tell you about all the different types of weaving and will even give you a piece of chocolate.

Tabby Tree offers instruction in weaving for complete beginners up to advanced. Not all weaving is done on a big space-devouring floor loom. We also teach how to use small looms, such as the inkle loom or rigid heddle loom, both of which are affordable and portable. 

Sandi Lemons has a former career in International Student Services at IUPUI. Although she still teaches at IUPUI in the evening, she has made a huge change in her life by buying Tabby Tree Weaver and dedicating herself to the craft. She lives in Fishers with her husband, son and daughter and is on the verge of becoming an empty nester. While this is a little sad for Sandi, she reminds herself that this leaves more time for WEAVING!!

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