Meet Nomad Yarns

Truck Mural by Kahahuna

Nomad Yarns is Indiana’s only Yarn Truck!

Nomad Yarns is a full yarn store on wheels, featuring a whole host of great items for knitters and crocheters. An ever growing range of our own hand dyed yarns and fibers, kits and unique notions sit beside yarns, fibers and tools from local farms to worldwide designers. All in our customized 24′ truck featuring murals by local artist Kahahuna.
But… we didn’t start like this.
Nomad has been on the road for just about a year. Before then partners (in both business and life) Erica and Dave ran the store from downtown Plainfield for 8 and a half years.
Nomad was originally named for our love of travel, Dave is a souvenir from the UK, collected by Erica during her time there as an anthropologist where we worked as academics in the same department. We’ve both worked, lived and traveled to a lot of places and settling down to run our fiber arts store was a big surprise to friends and family. Fiber arts have always been Erica’s passion and Dave’s specialism even as an academic was studying crafts so we both stepped into our store and continue our new adventure with enthusiasm!
In 2018 unexpected news of development in Plainfield had us thinking about being on the move again. With so many great Indiana stores closing since we opened in 2010 and huge uncertainty about finding another building in Plainfield we decided to be on the road as a local yarn store not just for Hendricks County but also for those communities who miss their stores. This has let us also produce more unique things to share, from Dave’s hand dyed yarn lines to Erica’s pattern designs.
So thanks to everyone for following our adventures, from long term regulars in Plainfield to the new faces we have the joy of meeting at our regular Yarn Truck stops, pop ups and fun events we get to attend!

We are very active on all these platforms:Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Nomad Yarns Website: Podcast: Nomad Yarners