Use this map to plan out your trip and for quick access to each shop's contact info!

Magnet 2020


Passports will be available for pre-purchase for the 2020 yarn crawl at each of the shops beginning January 31st.  They will cost $7.50 and will give you a 10% discount on yarn during the dates of the crawl.  You may participate in the yarn crawl without the passport, but will not receive the discount.


Validation Forms

Validation forms will be available on the website after January 31st.  You will want to get a stamp at each yarn shop during the yarn crawl, and then be eligible for prizes.  Being in possession of a validation form will not afford you the 10% discount on yarn, you will need a purchased passport for that.


Special Edition Yarn

A beautiful "inspired" yarn is in the works!  Just wait, it is going to be amazing this year.  It will be unveiled and available for pre-order on January 31st.

Be sure to see what all the shops are doing with it!  Pictures of projects will show up in the gallery!