As questions arise we will try to post them along with the answers....

Why do I need a Passport and a Validation Form

You don't need either to visit the shops.

The passport entitles you to a 10% discount on yarn purchases at each participating shop.  Inside you will have all the rules and regulations of the yarn crawl, a bio of the artist who created the painting that inspired the special edition yarn, a map to help plot your journey, and it also gives you a page for each yarn shop with their information, and a space to take notes on what you see there and what you buy!

The validation form is what you need to be eligible for door prizes.  It is free to anyone, have it stamped at each shop to qualify for grand prizes from Roving Indiana. No purchases are necessary to receive a stamp. Be sure to ask us to stamp your page before you leave, sometimes we get busy and may forget!

The separate nature of these two items is to fulfill the requirements of the Indiana Gaming Commission.



Where do I get a passport and validation form?

Passports can be purchased for $7.50 from any of the participating shops. We suggest pre-ordering yours from your selected shop beginning January 31st. Each shop will receive a limited number of passports.

Validation pages are free. They can be downloaded and printed here as soon as they are available. Shops may have a limited number of printed validation pages available during the crawl.



How do I get the Special Edition Yarn?

Beginning January 31st, each shop will take pre-orders for the Special Edition Yarn. Pre-ordering ensures you will be able to get as many skeins as you want. Each shop receives a limited number of skeins and we have even run out of yarn in the past!

If you want to wait until you're Roving to pick up the yarn, it can be purchased from any of the 11 shops, until they are sold out.

Cost of yarn and details will be shared January 31st.



Can I purchase a copy of the painting?

Yes! We will share details soon!